Interview Tips for the CG Industry



Take a look at four pieces of Interview Tips for the CG industry. If you’re ready to apply for a role then why not take a look at our latest range of opportunities on our job board.


1 – Questions

Always have a question to ask. Failing to do so may make you appear disinterested so always have something prepared before you enter the interview. A good question can also help you differentiate.

2 – Research

It’s crucial that you perform background research on the company where you are going for your interview. Having information about the business will certainly aid your chances of impressing.

3 – Smile

Smiling is infectious. Your positivity can rub off on the interviewee and instantly create a positive atmosphere. Also ensure that you make eye contact and maintain focus throughout. Your body language is very important.

4 – Smart

Whilst some work environments encourage a more relaxed attire, especially in creative industries, for an interview you cannot go wrong dressing smart. Impress!